• About Stephanie

  • Who am I?

    My life is about pursuing the Divine Mystery, about pondering paradoxes, about celebrating the holy particularity of each individual soul. It's about listening to that still small voice deep down inside me, whispering to me, beckoning me, calling me to a Life bigger, wider, deeper, more grand than anything my fearful mind could have imagined--a Life not defined by self-imposed limitations or the judgments of others.

    My life is about honoring the truth wherever I find it and celebrating the glory wherever it appears. It's about realizing that, while it seems like a lot of other people seem to have all the answers, I'm happy living in the beauty of uncertainty, the field of all possibilities. It's about having the courage to meet life head-on and to embrace my authentic self. It's about being willing to grow, to dare greatly, and to become the highest possible vision of myself. I'm a life-long learner, a lover of the good, the sacred, and the beautiful.



  • My Mission

    My Mission is to live every day as the Heroine of my own Life Story. I want to grow in Personal Integrity, stay in touch with my Inner Wisdom, and commit to Intentional Transformation. I want these things for you, too.


    Inspiring Intentional Transformation




  • Client Testimonials

    "Through her gentle and caring approach, Dr. Eddleman helped me develop a plan of action to achieve spiritual and personal life goals. She initially asked probing questions so that I could discover and articulate my purpose and ambitions. Providing a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere, she listened thoughtfully and without judgment as she guided me to what I truly wanted to accomplish. But more than this, she assisted me in seeing that the goals I had only dreamed of could indeed become a reality and that I only needed a plan of action. Each week, she gave me 'homework' to do so that I could realize that my goals are indeed attainable. The result? I am now putting my plan into action. Dr. Eddleman inspired me, but she also gave me important tools I can use to move forward."  --Gail F.

     "I am very thankful for Dr. Eddleman. She made me feel welcomed immediately, and she made me feel like my spiritual growth was something that was, indeed, possible. I've been through so much heartache in my life, which made me question God so many times. These situations made me bitter and sad; however, Dr. Eddleman helped me realize that my spirituality wasn't dead. It's growing. It's alive. My spirituality is something that I've become more aware of through her coaching. I am so thankful for her, because she's helped me find, well, me."  --Rachel V.

    "When I first heard about Life Coaching, I doubted its effectiveness. I had too many anxieties and no ability to express them. I felt like a giant mess. Thankfully, my Life Coach surprised me. Dr. Eddleman helped me articulate my insecurities, gave the tools to tackle them, and provided accountability as I moved to meet my goals. In short, she gave me the power to shake off my mental paralysis. I would recommend her services to anyone." --Shelby G.






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