• Workshops

  • Workshops help participants cultivate authenticity, achieve meaningful change, and address persistent fears and limiting beliefs.  They also create the opportunity to connect with others who are also serious about personal transformation. Workshops will be offered in person and virtually. I'm also available to speak to your group or at larger events. 

    Some workshops under construction are for

    • Intentional Integrity: Your Journey toward Wholeness
    • Intentional Self-Care
    • Intentional Simplicity 
    • Support for law enforcement/military spouses
    • Support for teachers / professors
    • and more!

    More information about individual workshops will be posted soon. Contact me for more information or to request specific topics.

  • Become the Heroine of Your Own Life Story

    Are you loving your life or just enduring it?

    Do you ever ask yourself, "Is this all there is?"

    Do you feel bored, anxious, or powerless?

    Do you know you were meant to do, to be, more?

    Perhaps, you are letting someone else write your life story for you. Isn't it time to become the person you were meant to be?


    What benefits will you receive from this workshop? You can

    • take ownership of your life.
    • align with your highest vision of your self.
    • dissolve fear & limiting beliefs.
    • honor your desire for change & growth.
    • reconnect with your inner wisdom.
    • map out your intentional transformation.

    Contact me for more information! 

  • Intentional Integrity

    Coming Soon!

  • Intentional Self-Care

    Coming Soon!

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